our Efforts

The Health Equity Collective is a coalition of coalitions, and it seeks to increase effectiveness and efficiency by bringing partners together and mobilizing around common goals and strategies. The Collective recognizes the incredible work that already exists across the region and the need to augment those existing efforts and acknowledges that it may need to take direct action depending on the need and existing gaps and resources in the region.

The Health Equity Collective membership includes over 50 coalitions. We have conducted an initial scan of local coalitions, geographic regions served, the scope of work, and the social determinants of health (SDOH) activity of these coalitions.

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We continue to develop strategies to align and streamline various organizational and coalition efforts so we all can be more impactful in developing the vitality of the Greater Houston region. Currently, the Collective is focusing on 10 Key Milestones for Community Impact. For the next phase of this work, the Collective will cultivate active dialogue across all coalitions addressing SDOH and identify opportunities to act together.