About Us

By working together, we
have the power to build
a better, more equitably
healthy community.

With our 400+ members representing 140+ organizations and 50+ coalitions across the Greater Houston region, this multi-sector effort is driving better health for all by focusing on systemic and policy solutions to address unmet social needs. A first step in achieving our shared goal is understanding the social determinants of health (SDOH) vulnerabilities among residents and what resources we can leverage to address them. The Health Equity Collective seeks to connect the dots between disparate social service resource directories and community referral platforms to establish a sustainable, data-driven, human-centered ecosystem of care that equitably addresses the SDOH among Greater Houston communities. We will start with food insecurity, document the factors driving food insecurity, and measure the impact of community interventions targeting food insecurity on health outcomes at the population level. This comprehensive population-level approach will then be leveraged and expanded across the spectrum of SDOH.

For details on the process of selecting food security as an indicator of success for an SDOH ecosystem approach, click here.

Vision Statement

Health equity for all Greater Houston Area residents.

Mission Statement

Establish an impactful, collective, sustainable, data-driven system to promote health equity.

Priority Indicators

Reduce food insecurity across the Greater Houston region by 5% by 2025, improving health outcomes related to diabetes, obesity, mental health, and COVID-19.


(Ways we commit to do this work)

  • Respect all stakeholders’ perspectives
  • Center people’s needs
  • Seek alignment of systems and interests
  • Build upon existing strengths and assets
  • Measure impact
  • Do no harm


(Good things we bring into the world)

  • Shared agency
  • Dismantled barriers
  • Interconnectedness
  • Fair allocation of resources
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Harm prevention, reduction, and redress